About Us

Serving as Your Dedicated, Affordable DevOps Team

Headquartered in New York City, EcomUnlimited offers small-to-medium sized companies the kind of professional post-launch DevOps services that are typically reserved for large online retailers. How do we do it? We use a new, holistic approach, that allows us to deliver eCommerce IT and business services at a fraction of the typical costs. We call it Platform as a Service Plus (PaaS+).

With our PaaS+ offering you can enjoy the help of an expert eCommerce IT team focused on your site, without actually hiring the engineers. And you can leverage best-in-class eCommerce IT solutions targeted to your site, without actually purchasing them.

Tailored to the specific needs and economic reality of each customer site, PaaS+ includes complete managed cloud hosting and application support services plus a multitude of online business support, including eCommerce process optimization, financial analysis, risk management, reporting, training, and more.

Our Background

True eCommerce pioneers, we have been part of the industry since its early days. For years, we advanced its rapid growth helping scores of retailers open stores online. Lately, however, we have become aware of a pressing need. As consumers increasingly embraced online shopping, their requirements skyrocketed. Today, site speed, performance, reliability, security, international delivery, and omni-channel support have all become mission-critical.

A well-designed, cleverly-marketed site is no longer enough to ensure commercial success. What online retailers need now is a powerful eCommerce IT environment. So far, the costs for such an IT environment were prohibitive for small to mid-sized online retailers. To effectively solve this predicament, we developed our PaaS+ offering, which is both economically viable and custom tailored to each customer.

Our Team

We are a team of eCommerce IT professionals, including  project managers, system architects, system administrators, support engineers, application programmers, QA specialists, security and compliance experts, business analysts and process engineers, under the leadership of Jakob Schwerdt. A serial entrepreneur with extensive IT experience, Jakob served as CEO of Ecommerce Partners, a web agency based in New York City with a large roster of clients, including Stage Stores, Benetton, Castro, Sabon, C.O. Bigelow, White and Warren, and U.S. Vision.

Watching the evolution of the eCommerce market from close-up, Jakob realized an increasingly critical issue. The online euphoria had created a plethora of eCommerce applications that looked good but failed to work adequately as traffic and requirements ramped up. The exploding market of online SMEs, in particular, called for a dedicated service provider and a professional solution to stabilize, secure, integrate and scale existing eCommerce sites. To answer this call, we founded EcomUnlimited.


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