More about PaaS+

What is PaaS+?

PasS+ is EcomUnlimited’s holistic service solution for online retailers.

With PaaS (Platform as a Service) companies can deploy IT applications without having to buy, manage and host the underlying hardware and software. In particular, PaaS, in combination with professional application support, can offer a very cost-effective way to optimize, run, maintain and support a custom-built eCommerce site.

At EcomUnlimited, we have taken the concept of PaaS and added an extra layer called Extended Business Services, creating a new, holistic service solution for online retailers.

Geared to optimize our customers’ online business performance, our PaaS+ solution covers a myriad of additional eCommerce business services, including eCommerce process optimization, risk management, 3rd party application integration, cost/benefit analysis, site reviews, compliance audits, product and content management, training, reporting, and more.

How much does it cost?

The cost of EcomUnlimited’s PaaS+ service depends on the actual services to be provided.

PaaS+ consists of:

Within each of these areas, we can mix and match the services needed for your specific online business and provide you with a custom PaaS+ service suitable to your needs. That way, you won’t pay too much or get too little when it comes to ensuring your website’s long term performance.

We will work with you to review your current operations, identify areas requiring attention or improvement and decide on a list of services needed. You can then choose whichever plan suits you best – either pay on a monthly basis or pay as you go based on service usage.

How do I get more information about PaaS+?

Browse the site, and talk to us! Request More Information.