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Lean Magento Development

The complexity and fluidity of today’s online retail world calls for a multidisciplinary approach to eCommerce website support, maintenance and management. The two pillars of DevOps Services Managed Cloud Hosting and System Administration  and Application Support and Maintenance have become inseparable. But in order to provide you with a true end-to-end service we believe you need more.  This is why EcomUnlimited has added its unique eCommerce Business Services to the mix creating a holistic framework to manage your online business.

  • Application Support

  • Our Application Support Services ensure your software meets the highest quality standards.  Not only do we ensure it is reliable, usable, efficient and maintainable but we also help you grow your business by working with you to continually improve functionality. See Details.

  • Managed Hosting

  • Our fully managed cloud hosting services are designed to maximize site performance, reliability and security at all times. They ensure flexible scalability ensuring a cost-effective way to launch applications and grow their processing power, on demand.  See Details.

  • Business Services

  • While expert and affordable managed cloud hosting and application support services for custom eCommerce solutions are few and far-between, additional business services are even more difficult to come by. This is where the + in our PaaS+ offering comes in. See Details.

Every service package is customized to your business requirements.

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